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Craig - owner of DEI #38 suggested a page for orignal owners.

There aren't many original owners left.

Great idea - thanks.  Jim

Are you the original owner of any GMMG?

Please send photos, mileage, car shows & general information & I'll add it to the Registry.

If you want additional information (address, city, phone or e-mail, please let me know)


DEI Original Owners (#3, #38 ...)

#38 DEI

Craig in NC is the original owner of DEI #38

This car has something like 286 miles & has been in the Floyd Garrett Museun since new

(January 2012)

#38 DEI

Here are a couple photos of my DEI in Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car museum near Pigeon Forge, TN. Floyd and Dale were personal friends and Floyd is happy to have my car on display since so few people know of them.
I picked it up at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet in June of 02 and jumped on Interstate 40 heading west toward TN. On a flat, somewhat isolated stretch, I stuck my foot in the radiator and ran it up to 120 MPH with the A/C and radio on. It was as smooth as Tennessee whiskey and had plenty more in it. But the real fun was passing other cars struggling to maintain the 55 MPH speed limit up and over the NC mountains. I passed them all in the fast lane doing between 80-90 MPH. It handled like a Go-Kart and I had an absolute blast!
Feel free to include what I have written or edit it as you see fit.

#3 DEI with 5th Gen. Intimidator

DEI #3 with 5th Gen Intimidator SS @ DEI

Dick Harrell Original Owners (#9, #13, #18, #25)

#25 DH

Bill - WI is the original owner of Dick Harrell #25

At one time Bill worked with Dick Harell

(January 2012)

#13 Dark Red @ Berger

Nick from LA is the original owner of DH #13

If I recall DH #13 was purchased from Berger Chev. spring 2010.

Thanks Jason

Click - DH #13 article (Page 36 & 37)

Click for #13 DH video

#18 DH (thanks Sean)

Gary in CO is the original owner of two Dick Harrell's

#9 (Red) & #18 (Organic Green) were purchased new from Berger Chev. in 2011

#9 DH @ Berger October 2010

Click - Link to Gary's GMMG page

#11 PE - Red Houndstooth Interior

ZL-1 Super Car Original Owners (#PR-2, #12, #16, #67)

#17 ZL-1

JD in Iowa is the original owner of ZL-1 #17

(January 2012)


My #17 2002 ZL1 Supercar has 1,982 miles on it now. It is a Phase II car. The only Phase II car that was originally produced by GMMG with the electronic exhaust cut-out according to Matt.

J. D.

Original GMMG Owners (January 2012)

ZL-1 PR2 Matt BergerMIRed
ZL-1 #12 Gib & TammyMILeMans Blue"Wonderful One"
ZL-1 #16 Kenny BILHemi-Orange
ZL-1 #46DavidWY?Daytona Yellow
ZL-1 #17 JDIABlack
ZL- #67MIWhite/Black
Dick Harrell
Dick Harrell #9GaryCORedfrom Berger 2011
Dick Harrell #13NickLADark Redfrom Berger 2010
Dick Harrell #18GaryCOOrganic Greenfrom Berger 2011
Dick Harrell #25 BillWIRed
DEI #3Dale Earnhardt  ChevNCBlack
DEI #7Matt BergerMIBlack
DEI #12JohnPABlack698 miles
DEI #38 CraigNCBlack286 miles
DEI #82Mike & NanceyMNBlack6k miles
PE #7 VickieGARedOver 160k miles
TH #13RickPASOM6k miles
Berger SS #29TommyMIRed/black Vert1550 miles 8/12
Berger SS #31Gib & TammyWISOM Convert
Berger SS #60 Gib & TammyMIRalley Green
Berger SS #69MarkMONBM
Berger SS #93 AndyILElectrom Blue
Berger SS #00 Matt BergerMIYellow Black
HRE #1973PrestonGAPewter Convert
HRE #1977Bob & JoanneMI
HRE #2000JeffWINBM PhaseII/435
Tom Henry #16ChadSC

ZL-1 PR-2 - Matt Berger

Matt Berger send an e-mail on January 14, 2012.

He is still the original owner of  DEI #7, Berger SS #00 & ZL-1  PR2

Thanks  Matt

#12 ZL-1 - Gib &Tammy

Gib & Tammy - MI are orignal owners of 'Wonderful 1' ZL-1 # 12

#16 ZL-1 - Kenny - photos by JD

Kenny Barnhardt - IL is the original owner of ZL-1 # 16

(January 2012)

#67 ZL-1

#67 ZL-1  - Dan - MI

Performance Edition (PE) Original Owners (#7, ...)

#7 PE - Vickie @ GMMG - 160k miles

Vickie - GA is the original owner of a 160k+ mile PE #7

I met Vickie in 2010 when I was @ GMMG & took this photo - Jim

(January 2012)

#11 PE - Red Houndstooth Interior

2000 Berger SS Original Owners (#1, #12, #10, #24)

Berger SS #1 - White Convert - Pat - MI (looking for photo)


#10 Berger SS - John & Christy - MI


#12 Berger SS - John '(The burn-out king') - MI

1984 Red B4C

#24 Berger SS (black/red)  with Gib & Tammy's other GMMG's - MI

(Looking for a close-up photo)

Hot Rod Edition Original Owners (#1968, #1977, #1984, #1996, #2000)

#1968 HRE Brent & Kelly - CA


#1977 HRE Bob & Joanne - MI


#1973 HRE original owner - Preston - GA
Nickname -  'Miranda's College Fund'

2001 Berger SS Original Owners  (#31 & #50)


Gib & Tammy - MI are orignal owners of '01 Berger SS #31

#50 Red @ Berger

#50 Berger SS - Anne - MI

2002 Berger SS Original Owners (#60 & #93, #00-2)

#60 Ralley Green - Gib & Tammy

Mike is the original owner of Berger SS #69

(Looking for photos)

Gib & Tammy - MI are orignal owners of '02 Berger SS #60

#69 Berger SS 2X6 - original owner Feb. 2012

Mark in MO is the original owner of Berger SS #69 2X6

Feb. 2012

#93 - Phase II/435hp - Andrew - Delivery Day

Andy in IL is the original owner of Berger SS #93 (Electron Blue)

(January 2010)

Link to #93 SS Photo Bucket - Thanks Andrew

#00 Berger SS - Matt Berger

#00 Berger SS - Matt Berger

1984 Red B4C

#1984 HRE with Gib & Tammy's other GMMG's - MI

(Looking for a close-up photo)

1996 - Angie

#1996 HRE Dave & Angie - MI

2000 Phase II/435hp - Jeff

Jeff - WI is the original owner of HRE #2000 - Phase II/435hp

HRE #2000 is a multiple show winner & attends many events like HRPT

(January 2012)

Click - 2000 HRE Burnout

Jeff - 'Drive as fast as you can till you see the face of GOD, then brake!'

I received this from Gary (WMCC) on January 20, 2012.
To the best of his knowledge these are original owners.
If you know of any others, pleae let me know.  Thanks 

Off the top of my head
Berger SS's
#1 Pat
#12 John
#10 John & Cristy
#24 Gib & Tammy

#50 Anne
#31 Gib & Tammy

#60 Gib & Tammy
#00-2 Matt Berger

Hot Rod
1968 Brent & Kelly
1977 Bob & Joanne
1984 Gib & Tammy
1996 Dave & Angie
2000 Jeff G.

PR-2 Matt Berger
#12 Gib & Tammy
#67 Dan B
#16 Kenny Barnhardt


#45 SS - 09 HRPT - Dayton, OH

Yea, I know I'm not the original but you gotta love the Hooters Girls!

Click to hear #45 SS start

 Here is some information on my husband (Rick's) GMMG car.

2002 Camaro SS GMMG Car
2002 Tom Henry SS GMMG car#13 . This is the only 380 HP Automatic car built.
Sunset Orange with leather interior, T-Tops, etc..... Loaded with options.
6,000 original miles and kept in heated garage.
Car was ordered from Tom Henry Chevrolet in November 2001.
Car is signed by Scott Settlemier, Tom Peters, Matt Murphy, Joe Roberts and Tom Henry.
I have documentation on this car from the time it was ordered to date. This includes books of paperwork, e-mails from GM and pictures from GMMG including pictures from Tom Henry on the delivery of the car.
Car is 100% original the way it was delivered to Tom Henry and the way I received it.

#13 Tom Henry SOM
#13 Tom Henry SOM

Click #46 ZL-1 Video

#46 ZL-1

ZL-1 #46 - David is the original owner

ZL1 #51 - Ray from GA is origial owner

Blackbird Original Owners

DEI #82 (waiting for photos)

Thanks Nancey


 Nancey & Mike from Minnesota are original owners of DEI #80

....from Nancey (March 20, 2012)..........

Just avid Dale Earnhardt fans!! Sent deposit in January and he passed in February…..Didn’t think we were going to get a car, but did, and one with t-tops to boot. We have the only car that went to Minnesota. The car just rolled 6k miles. Doesn’t get driven much, only for car shows and one weekend at Rock Falls Raceway.(now that was fun, car was tailored there, ran it’s races, and then tailored home)Phase II engine – hood states 500HP rather than the 381HP as most of the cars have.Only addition to the car is on the back window- has a white window sticker that has racing flags and states “In Memory of 3”.My daughter used the car to take her SR picture on a back country rolling road….turned out awesome.