Please send in your tech tips

Check LS-1 Tech - often thime there is a fix on the site.

LS-1 Tech link

Clutch pedal stays on the floor.

Drill Mod article

GMMG open chamber exhaust?

Watch E-Bay - they show up once in awhile.

TA Door panel crack

This is a common problem. 

There is a fix but the right fix is to replace the door panel.

Door panel crack fix

New clutch?

I installed a LS7 clutch & all GM parts - works great.

What mirror did GMMG use?

Gentec #50-genk31


Sail Panel bubbles - Carbon fiber panel

Sail Panel bubbles - Fiberglass panel

GM Bulliten #03-08-98-001A

1999-2002 Camaro & Trans Am

From: "Jim Smith" <>
To: "G Scott Settlemire"
Date: 05/15/2012 03:01 PM 
Hi Scott:

I’m wondering if you can be of any help?

I have the paint / bubble problem on 3 of my 7 GMMG 4th Gen Camaro’s & TA’s

GM Bulletin # 03-08-98-001A

I’ve been asking every dealer in the area if they can help me out & I am not having any luck.

Is there any chance you could assist or point me in the right direction?
 Reply from Scott – May 15, 2012… Hi Jim!

You're not going to like my answer......

We stopped covering the issue about 2 years ago -

I'm attaching a copy of the note I just rec'd from our Quality Manager -
I know that it's near impossible to find the Non-T-top roof panel - the 'basket handle" --
I believe, may still be available via some dealerships.......

I feel your pain - as our Historic Fleet is suffering the same fate.........

Scott: No is the only answer available.
Sanding and repainting will not prevent it from reoccurring.
It is the migration of the urethane adhesive used to attach the roof and deck lid.
The only corrected identified in the bulletin was to replace the panel.
Unfortunately there are not any panels left.
There may be some roof bow at a few dealerships but the deck lids have been gone for some time
unless someone has come up with one from the aftermarket.


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