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Jim Smith

Aaron Thornton

Jim Simon




Jim Simon's new e-mail - yearonebb4@gmail.com



April  22, 2013 
The GMMG Registry Forum Board is up and running with over 90 members

Help support the GMMG Registry by purchasing from the GMMG Store

The Registry costs money to operate...

Domain Name, Web Services, Parts Store inventory & other misc. expenses

The Registry & Forum is for anything GMMG

Your support is appreciated

.....from.... JD, Jim Simon, Jim Smith


November 28, 2012 - The GMMG Register Forum Board is live & you may register. 


Some members are using their Car # as their User Name - Use whatever you want.


Photo Bucket works well for photos - Please announce yourself & post your car info & photos.


Welcome to the GMMG Forum.  Jim Smith, JD & Jim Simon


November 27th, 2012                                      

Hi everyone:

There is a new addition to the GMMG Registry that I’m sure you will be excited about because we certainly are!   We are sure this will be the “go-to” site for everything GMMG. 


The GMMG Registry Forum Board  is up, operating & ready for you to register on today as a GMMG Car Owner.  We will release the GMMG Registry Forum Board to the general public on December 1st, 2012.


Here’s the link….. www.gmmgregistry.com  and then click on the Forum tab at the top of the page on the very first line on the left side of the page.  Then below that, click on the GMMG Forum link.  Once you have clicked the GMMG Forum link, you will be directed to the new GMMG Registry Forum Board.  You may need to cut & paste the link in your browser.

Once you register & Jim Smith confirms you as a GMMG Owner, then J.D. Le Blanc will approve you & you will then have access to the GMMG Owners section with forums for GMMG Owners only.  To be approved for access to the GMMG Owners forums, please e-mail Jim Smith your name, phone #, car model # & door tag # @  info@gmmgregistry.com

…… from Jim Smith…………. 

I really don’t have the time to stay on top of the Registry.  The New GMMG Registry Forum will be more useful, informative & be interactive for everyone.

          I’m still attempting to find more cars & info.

The Forum is not a place to gripe or complain.  You can do this on plenty of other sites.  Zero tolerance for offensive language, obscenity of for “bashing” GMMG, Matt Murphy or any of GMMG’s previous employees.

The GMMG Forum will be a place to visit, share information, post photos & info about your GMMG, a technical section, GMMG’s for sale, parts wanted & for sale & a lot more.

Please take a minute to check it out, add your info & share with any other GMMG owners you may know.

A special thanks to J.D. Le Blanc for putting this together & J.D.’s friend, Dave Crouse for hosting the GMMG Registry Forum Board on his server.

          Dave Crouse is the Web Master & J.D. Le Blanc is the Administrator

          Jim Simon & Jim Smith are Moderator’s

Thanks from J.D. Le Blanc, Dave Crouse, Jim Simon, Jim Smith & the GMMG Registry.



(If you follow these steps the first time it should be easy)  Print it?

Forum Link……  




 User Name – Many are using their car # (HRE1979) – use what you want.

Password – at least 6 characters – remember it –

Check the small box to Remember Password & select Register

TIP: Don’t log out – just click the big red X at the top of your screen (left or right side depending on computer)

Login after Registration:

          Same as above except check Login (to right of small Remember box)

You may see a BOT screen pop-up.  This prevents spammers & hackers from getting in to the Forum.

Type User Name – gmmg …. Password – member & click Remember Credentials

Short Cut on Desktop?   

Easy – Right click near the top of the Forum & select Create Shortcut

**Information needed for approval: (will be kept confidential in the archives)

Name, Car # (*** needed for approval), phone & e-mail address

(Only name & state is posted in the owners page on the Registry unless you would like more info)

Please e-mail to Jim Smith @ info@gmmgregistry.com


Please Post some things to get used to using the site.

Take a minute to introduce yourself & tell everyone about your car or whatever you like.  Start a NEW TOPIC in   Member Introductions – GMMG Forums

You can also post your car photos & provide additional information about your GMMG.  Find your Car Model & start a NEW TOPIC – GMMG Cars

Remember - No Political - NO bashing - No questionable language - Thanks - let's have some fun with the Forum.



You have a lot of options – play with things. 

Your text needs to be between the [x] text [x]

Type size, color, bold example.........

Example: [size=150][color=#BF0000][b]   your text    [/b][/color][/size]

TIP: Enter your text first & submit.  Then come back – select Edit & insert your photos


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Purchase from the GMMG Store
Purchase from the GMMG Store

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Purchase from the GMMG Store
Purchase from the GMMG Store
Purchase from the GMMG Store

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Uploading photo tips

Photos may be difficult at first - try these guidelines….

Click NEW Topic or go to your existing post….

PHOTO BUCKET  (for latest version of PB – may not work this way on older versions)

In Photo Bucket Library Mouse over the photo you want & you will see a Gear (don’t click – just mouse over)

          Slide down & highlight Get Media Links Left click

Left click on IMG Code (bottom box) then right click - it should highlight blue – Left click to Copy

(IF you see the box go yellow - Copied you are good to go – just go back to the Forum page & place the cursor where you want & click paste)

          Have your GMMG Forum Board open……

          Move the cursor to the location where you want the photo & click Paste

          Repeat for all your photos

          Tips:      Practice this a few times on an open page

**Submit your text first (saves it) so you don’t loose it then click Edit & add photos.

Move cursor to the location & paste your photo.  If you know Photo Bucket you probably already know how to upload Bulk photos.

Pros:  Easy – photos look good              Cons: May take a few times – practice


          New or existing post - Locate Upload Attachment & click it

Open up a link - Filename – Click Browse & select the photo from your computer photo files

          When photo link is in the box click Add the file (should go red while loading)

          If the photo size is OK you will see a box – File Comment & Place inline

(many photos are just too large to work right)

          Move cursor back up to the location for the photo & left click

          If everything worked you will see text in the box (your photo link)

Tip:  You can upload multiple photos & then post them one after the other – saves a little time.  Click Submit & see how they look.  Many times photos are very large & may not look right.

Pros: Use if needed & it is your only option

Cons:  Photos may be too large to upload & sizes could be very large.

By:  Jim Smith -  November 26, 2012