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35th Anniv. / Blackbird

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2002 35th Anniversary / Blackbird
19 cars were built

#19 35th (last one built) Phase IIX/475 – Jim sold it to Chicago

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#11 CA Convert

#7 CA Convert @ GMMG

#14 Black – #7 Red Convert – #8 SOM

#16 Black

#13 35th Anniversary Blackbird

#13 Blackbird 35th Anniv. (thanks Sean)

Before detaining

#12 CA – White

#12 – White

#12 CA – White

I looked at this BB #12 (35th Anniv.) a few years ago (maybe around 2009?) when it was for sale.  It is a very nice – low mile Blackbird but the motor upgrade was not done by GMMG & in my opinion it really decreases the value of the car.  How do you feel?  It was also listed as 1 of 17 & 19 were actually built.  I owned #19 for awhile.  Don’t get me wrong – this is a very-very nice car & the problem I had was the motor work – otherwise I would have considered buying it.  I’m sure its great but just not done by GMMG. Jim

April 28, 2012 – According to Mid America Auction CA BB #12 sold – St.Paul.  Luke bought a very nice low mile Blackbird 35th Anniv.

After detailing 

Look at the shine & wet look of 35th BB #12.

JR in NV had it super detailed & a ceramic clear coat to make it look wet all the time.

What a huge difference. 

35th BB #12

35th BB #12

35th BB #12

35th Anniversary Blackbird #2

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Thanks JD

GMMG, Inc.

“When Fast Just Isn’t Fast Enough”

Mike from IL bought the car from Jim Simon November 10, 2015

409 miles – Is this the lowest mileage Blackbird?  Jim

35th BB #9

35th BB #9

Jim Simon’s Blackbird’s are amazing!

Year One Blackbird #4 (silver) – 950 miles

35th Anniversary Blackbird (red) – 390 miles

(more info & photos to follow)

Jim Simon’s

#9 35th Anniv. BB

Jim Simon

Jim Simon & Aaron Thornton are the Blackbird experts.

Jim also owned the Bobby Labonte Blackbird #38 that is now owned by Jim Smith.

Click – link to Bobby Labonte Blackbird #38

#9 35th Anniv. BB – Jim Simon

#9 35th Anniversary Blackbird – Jim Simon

Jim Simon – YOBB #4 & 35th Anniv BB #9

Jim Simon – YOBB #4 & 35th Anniv BB #9

#10 Anniversary BB (Red)

Click – #10 BB 35th Video

#13 35th Maple Red

#6 35th SOM

35th Anniversary Firebird @ GMMG

Sunset Orange 35th

35th Anniversary Edition Convert

35th Anniversary Firebird @ GMMG

35th Anniversary Edition Firebirds @ Carl Black

35th Anniversary BlackbirdRegistry Master
Car # Color Roof Trans Engine Owner City State Phone E-Mail
PR-A1 White T-Top Joe WI
PR-Y1 Black T-Top              
1 White T-Top
2 NBM T-Top    380  Jim    SD  Sold  Feb. ’12  Was in NY – was Randy MN till May 2017 – sold to Jim
3 White T-Top
4 Black T-Top              
5 Red T-Top
6-2 SOM T-Top     Robert   MO    
7 Red Convert
8 SOM T-Top              
9 Red T-Top 6spd 380 Mike W 409 miles – 11/15/15 IL Was Jim Simon – sold 11/15 – bought from Ken 3/11
10 Red Convert  6spd  380  Shirley?    AL    
11 Black Convert
12 White/Blue T-Top    435** JR Sold – July 2017  7,900 mi $24k/$32k NY  was Luke MN – sold Oct 2016  **Engine upgrade was not done by GMMG – JV-NV
13 Maroon T-Top 6spd 380 John LA Bought Sept 2014?
14 Black T-Top              
15-2 Black T-Top
16 Black T-Top              
17 White T-Top 6speed 525hp Craig MO
18 Silver T-Top            
19-2X Silver T-Top 6speed PhaseIIX/475


IL bought from Jim Smith- Marco – IL -sold Oct.2014