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Clones – Tribute – Fakes

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Please send photos & info of fake/clone/tribute GMMG Cars.

There are some wanting you to believe their car is the ‘real deal’ when it is not & others are up front right away.

How do you feel about tribute, clone & fake GMMG’s? Send your reply to…

How do I know if a GMMG is real or not?
Ask for the door tag # (or ask to see it)
Contact for verification ………..

(Need Model/Car #/color/door tag #)

August 20, 2016…

DJ saw this fake ZL1 @ the Blanchardville, WI Car Show.
The guy is from Sauk City, WI & is still trying to pass this car off as a GMMG. It is a fake – impersonator!
I saw the same car @ Newon IIowa on the 2010 Power Tur & called him out on it as a fake as he told me it was a GMMG ZL1.
As soon as I asked to see the brass door tag he had all kind of excuese.
Just tell it like it is & doesn’t try & BS anyone. Jim

Yes, I know the Clones-Tribute-Fakes are not GMMG’s but they are still cool.

Neither are the 5th Gen. COPO Camaro’s, Wild Cars Camaro’s & TA’s, Clones-Tribute-Fakes, Garages, License Plates but this is all interesting.
Here is a car that could appear to be a real Tom Henry but it is NOT!

It seems like a nice car – just not the ‘real deal

6/15/10 – The car is for sale & the owner is up front that it is not a real TH.

Dear daytonajim00,

My car is not a GMMG car “Thus the title 2001 Cmaro Z/28” keywords (Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, Show Car, GMMG, Tom Henry) produced by Matt’s team my car was upgraded with OEM GMMG parts back in 2003 by GMMG. They uplifted several cars for friends all; non numbered not to deter from GMMG owners.

My official GMMG items added from GMMG are as follows

Enter your -GMMG rear panel painted ? satin black? w/ hi-polished Camaro fill-in?s

-GMMG metal emblem

-Tom Henry GMMG dash plate

-Tom Henry GMMG American Racing TT?s 17×9.5 glossily painted centers

-GMMG Carbon Fiber air lid w/ Tom Henry Racing Decal

-GMMG style painted hood scoop stripe, and rear spoiler decal

-GMMG ZL-1 grille w/ blue bowtie

-GMMG Chambered Exhaust w/ premium oval tips

-Tom Henry Racing windshield banner

the response here- ramair99ta

Not a real Tom Henry

Not a real Tom Henry

Not a real Tom Henry

Not a real SS

I saw this car on the 2010 HRPT in Newton Iowa.

At first, it appears to be an SS but it’s not.

#70 is on the windshield – ‘427’ numbers are too big – 600hp on the hood – ‘In memory…’ like ZL-1’s on trunk

This is NOT a Berger SS or ZL-1!

It’s a total fake that the owner continues to try & pass off as a real GMMG.

Not a real SS

NOT SS #70 – it’s a fake – #70 SS is NBM

Viper Steel Grey Pearlcoat with Black Sapphire stripes.

ZL-1 Tribute Car

ZL-1 Tribute Car

This is NOT BB #21 – #21 was black & totalled.

From Greg – May 13, 2014………

Hi Jim, sorry for all of the misspelling in the previous email. I typed it out in a hurry. The car was wrecked when I picked up my son from his high school shop class. He wanted to show the car to his friends and mechanic shop class teacher. The kids wanted me to do a burnout and I told them that I wasn’t going to do this. Little did I know that one of the kids had poured half a quart of motor oil on the right back tire in hopes that if I agreed to the burnout, it would produce more smoke. When we left and I shifted into 2nd gear, the car spun out of control of a cliff. The kid confessed two days later and we did not file charges because no one got hurt too bad and he was a senior about to graduate. This would have given him a criminal record and he would not have been able to get into college. Really sucked, but at least the insurance company paid me more than I paid for the car in the settlement, due to the fact the only resale at the time was to a museum and sold for more than sticker price. Let me know if you need anything else from me.

Thanks again,