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This page is dedicated to Dick Harrell
(‘Mr. Cheverolet’)
A special thanks to Val………
2002 Dick Harrell Wide Body
Dedicated to the memory of Dick Harrell & Fred Gibb

Click – Link to Valerie Harrell’s site

The Dick Harrell web site has information about the 30 special ‘wide body’ cars that were built by GMMG.

Please spend some time checking the site out.

32 total 2002 Dick Harrell’s were authorized and built. 

(2 DH Prototypes & 30 wide-body DH cars)

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PR-1 before the Tangerine Orange paint

Correction from Dale Pulde………….  April 14, 2012 

In the GMMG registry. That DH#19 that is coming out of the transporter is not DH 19. That is Val’s car (PR#1) unfinished in Black primer. In front of our house. Picture taken by me.

Thanks Dale

SYLMAR, California, April 19, 2004
/DickHarrellPerf.News/ — First of all, I would like to start this announcement off with a BIG “THANK YOU” to all that have signed up to show great support to the Dick Harrell forum. If only we could document the entire sport in this fashion, this site contains information that is a priceless tribute to Dick Harrell, and drag racing history. Keep the posts coming and continue to spread the word about our site to your friends and family. We, in the Harrell family, are extremely excited to announce the official release of the Dick Harrell Edition Supercar, a 2002 Chevrolet Camaro. The “Dick Harrell Edition Camaro” will be sold exclusively through Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, MI. & built by 1. GMMG, Inc., in Marietta, GA (the original builder of the 2002 Camaro ZL-1 Supercars and many other Dealer built Muscle cars).  This exciting project brought together a team of individuals not seen since my Dad’s days of racing with Chevrolet and the Chevy dealers he worked so closely with.  We are working to recreate, in a production street version, their 2002 2. Woodward Dream Cruise Camaro. Chevrolets one off Supercar, (click here) for more information on a Chevy High Performance magazine article on this car This incredible Camaro houses the new GM Racing Corvette derived C5R 427cu.in. all aluminum race engine, pushing approximately 580HP to the flywheel. Our new Dick Harrell Edition Camaro will feature these very unique body panels that Chevrolet created for their Camaro and the C5R race motor will be available through GMMG, Inc. with approximately 630 HP and will run on pump gas. We have been working with Scott Settlemire, John Heinricy, Randy Wittine, Kip Wasenko, Matt Berger, and Matt Murphy very closely over the past six months to get this project to this point of releasing it to you, our website members and enthusiasts.  Later you will see photos of the prototype car at a GM Design studio in its clay stages, like all GM prototype vehicles go through.  We are very excited to finally be able to release this information here first, and look forward to showing you more photos as they become available throughout the production of these Camaros.  An official unveiling date is in the works and we are also looking at possibly delivering some of these 30 cars in Kansas City later this summer.  Stay tuned for more exciting stuff.In addition to the Dick Harrell Edition Supercar, we also have a new layout of www.DickHarrell.com The new layout also comes equipped with our own Online Store and is the only store whose every item is licensed, produced or manufactured exclusively by the Harrell family. As of now, the store features Dick Harrell Classic Memorabilia as well as merchandise of the ever-famous War Eagle by Dale Pulde. Currently, some of the products we offer are Decals by Slixx Decals, key chains, posters, photos, as well as Dick Harrell and War Eagle T-Shirts.We are excited to be able to offer products of other racer teams and such, from our site as well. If anybody has a product they would like for us to sell on our site please shoot an Email to Valerie@DickHarrell.com . In addition, to the reseller program we offer on DickHarrell.com, we also have the ability to offer custom Ecommerce solutions where we host your site, and setup your cart/site custom to your needs. All orders placed off the site are sent across using 128bit Secure Encryption Technology to ensure that every transaction is handled as securely as possible. We are able to take credit card as well as PayPal payments. Keep checking back; soon we will have products to go along with the 2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Project. In closing, we are finalizing the details of the Dick Harrell Edition Supercar by Berger Chevrolet & GMMG, Inc. There is no underestimating our uncontained excitement. And today, words spoken from the Dick Harrell team, “You can not remove the smile from our faces, and those that worked with, raced with, and loved Dick as much as we do.” Thank you Matt Berger, Matt Murphy and Chevrolet for making this Camaro project come to life and for a great tribute to our beloved “Mr. Chevrolet” Dick Harrell. Contact: Valerie Harrell
http://dickharrell.com SOURCE: GMMG, Inc., 4190 JVL Industrial Park Dr., Marietta, GA 30066-2773
Telephone: (770) 592.6261 Fax: (770) 924-3103 1. www.gmmginc.net
2. http://chevyhiperformance.com/featuredvehicles/148_0310_sun/

2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Unveiling @ GMMG promo flyer

May 28-30, 2004 – Dick Harrell Camaro Unveiling @ GMMG

Used with permission from Valerie Harrell

Click link to Dick Harrell site

PR-2 (Copyright photo used with permission from Valerie Harrell)

Click – Matt Murphy explaining Dick Harrell Cars

PR-2 (Val signing & Matt @ GMMG)

PR-1 – Matt Murphy / GMMG – Nancy presenting Matt with a GMMG clock

Click PR-2 DH photos

PR-2 Tripoli Turquoise

#1 DH – (2005 Cadillac”Candy Red”paint)

  • LS6 GM Performance Parts Engine
  • FIKSE 18″x12″ Rear & 18″x11″ Front Wheels
  • GoodYear 335/30ZR18 & 295/35R18 Rear Tires
  • Custom Charcoal Suade Seat Inserts with stitched “DH Logo” in the Headrest
  • Chambered Exhaust System with Stainless Tips
  • Carbon Fiber Type Air Box Lid with 99′ GM A.I.R. Filter and Tube
  • Underhood Coolant and Emission stickers
  • Front & Rear Eibach Lowering Springs 1.5″
  • Koni Adjustable Drag Shocks
  • Corvette Brakes with Hawk Pads & Slotted Corvette Rotors
  • CNC Ported, Cast Gray Painted, Exhaust Manifolds
  • Under Drive Pulleys & Belts
  • Special Front Sway Bar & 1LE Rear Sway Bar
  • Ported Throttle Body, with 180 degree thermostat
  • GM Power Antenna & Rear View Mirror with Compass, Temperature and Auto Dimmer
  • Dick Harrell Stripe Package (Hood and Side Stripe in Carbon Fiber Style)
  • GM – Wide Body Kit with Gold Bowtie in Grille
  • Sub Frame Connectors
  • Dick Harrell Vintage Fender Emblem
  • New Hi-Flow M.A.F. Housing
  • Black or White Hurst Ball with Short Throw Shift-Stick
  • Berger SuperCar/Dick Harrell Edition, Numbered Dash Plaque
  • GMMG Numbered Door Jam Plate
  • Car Numbers on Front Window & Rear View Mirror
  • Key Fobs, Car Cover & Floor Mats with Dick Harrell Logo
  • Silver Face Gauges with Dick Harrell Logo
  • Painted Rear Panel (black), with High Polished Stainless “CAMARO” Letters
  • Painted Roof Tops Body Color
  • Mobil 1 Oil Fill Cap & Mobil 1 Under Hood Decal
  • Lightweight Flywheel
  • GM – Red Performance Plug Wires
  • Lower Control arm Bracket, and Rear Jounce Bumper Spacers
  • Rear End Gears – 3:73, 4:10 or 4:56
  • Dyno Sheet with Engine Tuning

Click #2 DH photos

#2 DH  (LeMans Blue Metallic)

Click #3 DH photos

#3 Slingshot Yellow @ GMMG

#3 Slingshot Yellow (thanks Sean)

Click – more #3 DH photos

How many DH’s are red?

……from Matt Murphy……….

These cars are all Bright Red, except for #27 which was built for Vic Edelbrock in “Edelbrock Red”.

We have a lot of red cars ironically, or maybe for a good reason . . .

All of Dick’s Camaro Racecars from ’67 to ’71 were Red.

Along with those numbers, Car #’s 1, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 17 are also Bright Red,

Car #1 is Candy Red, and #17 being 2003 Dodge Viper Red.

#11 DH

#11 DH

DH Photos @ GMMG March 2010

DH Photos @ GMMG March 2010


#11 DH

I took this photo @ GMMG & have no idea what was going on.  See photo above – the car was completed & then tore all apart @ GMMG in 2010.  Was it wrecked or something else?  Does anyone know?

#11 Red @ GMMG – March 2010 – no clue what’s going on

I took this photo @ GMMG & have no idea what was going on.  See photo above – the car was completed & then tore all apart @ GMMG in 2010.  Was it wrecked or something else?  Does anyone know?

Click #18 DH video

#18 Organic Green @ Berger

Click #18 DH photos

#18 DH (thanks Sean) @ GMMG

#18 DH (thanks Sean)

#18 DH (thanks Sean)

#18 DH (thanks Sean)

Click #17 DH photos

#17 DH

#17 DH (Viper red)

#30 DH – Phase III/630hp

#30 DH – Phase III/630hp (originally Ralley Green)

#30 Rallye Green

#30 DH – Carl (from JD)

DH #30 is now Hugger Orange – paint by Jeff Foster

IMAGE – DH #30 – Hugger Orange

DH #30 & ZL1 #23 – Hugger Orange

DH #30 & ZL1 #23 – Hugger Orange


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#7 DH @ GMMG

#7 DH @ GMMG – Matt Murphy

#22 DH

#17 DH

#5 DH @ 2009 Berger Show (photo by Jim Smith)

#25 DH used with permission from Valerie Harrell

#25 DH thanks to Bill & Valerie

#25 DH thanks Bill

Here goes!  This will be a learning experiance for everyone! 


GMMG Registry is dedicated to all GMMG Owners & in memory of Dale Earnhardt, David Saad (took some of the last photos of Dale – see DEI page) Dick Harrell & Fred Gibb.

Please enjoy the site & share it with your friends. Let’s keep it light & have some fun with it!

This is not the place to bitch or complain! 

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I am doing this on my dime, my time & I don’t profit in anyway.

I strongly feel this information needs to be preserved & archived for the future while the information is available.


Many people send information & photos. I appreciate hearing from the owners & espically the younger kids that want to learn.

Most information comes from ‘web research’ that I have been doing the last few years.

Why do I do it?  I currently own 7 GMMG’s & always had a difficullt time figuring out accurate information. 

The ‘GMMG Registry’ has a lot of this information in one place for everyone to enjoy & learn from.

Copyright photo used with permission from Valerie Harrell

L to R:   Larry Leatherman (cousin); Dick Harrell; Larry Leatherman (cousin); Glenn Powell; Harry Kalwei Far right: Unknown

Dick Harrell article & Trigger – Click

RIP Dickie – you made a difference!

Click GMMG Dick Harrel info

Click – 2002 Dick Harrell – used with Valarie Harrell’s approval. Thanks Val

CLAIMED HARRELL VEHICLES: UNDOCUMENTED: CERTIFICATES NOT ISSUEDMs. Harrell has both common law trademark, federally registered trademarks, & the rights of publicity associated with Dick Harrell®.Warning: Anyone purchasing cars purporting to be an authentic “Dick Harrell” car should ensure that the seller/owner has clear evidence of the right to use the Dick Harrell name. Suggestions for potential purchasers including a warning that anyone purporting to sell an authentic “Dick Harrell” car should have a certificate or letter of authenticity to prove that the car is authentic and can retain any Dick Harrell trademarks, etc.

GMMG Clocks – thanks JD

DH’s @ GMMG & on semi’s

DH’s under construction





Click for DH SOM video

#4 DH @ GMMG

#4 DH

#4 DH with Fallon

#5 Red

#5 DH

Click #6 DH photos

#6 DH @ GMMG

#6 DH – Corvette Electron Blue

#7 DH – Gary – CO

#8 DH – Max – Alaska

Joe’s Collection ZL-1 #5 (LeMans Blue)-DH # 10 (White)-ZL-1 #5 (Red)

Click #16 DH photos

#22 Sebring Silver  Phase 3X

#16 Sebring Silver  Phase 1

#24 Penske Blue @ GMMG

Click #25 DH delivery day

#25 DH – Delivery Day in Wisconsin

#25 DH @ GMMG

Click #26 DH photos

#26 Hugger Orange



#17 (Viper Red)

Click Vic’s #27 DH photos & info

#27 Edlebrock Red Vic’s


#26 DH @ GMMG


Add your GMMG to the Registry

E-mail info & your favorite photo: info@gmmgregistry.com

Name, address, C,S,Z, phone, e-mail

Model, Car #, Door Tag, Color/stripe, roof, trans, engine

Only first name & state will be posted unless you tell me different.


#8 DH – Jeff – Alaska

#9 DH @ Berger October 2010

‘427’ C5R Motor

‘427’ Motor

#21 DH – ‘454’ – 680hp

#21 DH – ‘454’ – 680hp

#21 DH – ‘454’ – 680hp

Click – DH #23 video

DH #23 – Phase 3X-630 hp – Thanks Brandon

DH #23 – Phase 3X-630 hp – Thanks Brandon

DH #23 – Phase 3X-630 hp – Thanks Brandon

#29 DH SOM with Kenny’s ZL-1 #16 Hugger Orange @ GMMG


3 Prototypes

1 Pilot / Drag Car

1 Prototype Convertible

30 Numbered cars

Dick Harrell PR-1   Phase 3X   6-speed    Atomic Orange

Dick Harrell PR-2  Phase 3   6-speed Turquoise

Dick Harrell PR-3  Phase 3X Gossamer Orange

Dick Harrell DC-1 / Pilot Car  Automatic  Phase 2X6SR  Custom Red Metallic

Dick Harrell PRCV-1   Phase 5XR   Automatic   Bright Rally Red

 Dick Harrell #1   Phase 3X   6-speed   2005 Cadillac Candy Red

Dick Harrell #2   Phase 3X   6-speed   Lemans Blue Metallic

Dick Harrell #3   Phase 3X   6-speed   Slingshot Yellow

Dick Harrell #4   Phase 5   6-speed   Sunset Orange Metallic

Dick Harrell #5   Phase 3X   6-speed   Bright Rally Red

Dick Harrell #6   Phase 3X   6-speed   Corvette Electron Blue

Dick Harrell #7   Phase 3X   6-speed   Sebring Silver

Dick Harrell #8   Phase 3X   6-speed   Bright Rally Red

Dick Harrell #9   Phase 1   6-speed   Bright Rally Red

Dick Harrell #10   Phase 5X   6-speed   Arctic White

Dick Harrell #11   Phase 1   Automatic   Bright Rally Red (Picture when car was completed)

Dick Harrell #11   **Car is currently a shell (was stripped down to finish other cars)


Dick Harrell #12   Phase 3X   6-speed   Bright Rally Red

Dick Harrell #13   Phase 1   6-speed   1969 Garnet Red

Dick Harrell #14   Phase 3X   6-speed   Turquoise

Dick Harrell #15   Phase 3X   6-speed   Sunset Orange Metallic

Dick Harrell #16   Phase 1   Automatic   Sebring Silver

Dick Harrell #17   Phase 3X   6-speed   Viper Red

Dick Harrell #18   Phase 1   Automatic   Organic Green

Dick Harrell #19   Phase 3X   Automatic   Onyx Black

Dick Harrell #20   Phase 1   Automatic   Light Pewter

Dick Harrell #21   Phase 5X   6-speed   Onyx Black

Dick Harrell Registry
Car # Color Stripe Roof Trans Engine Owner City State Phone E-Mail
PR1 Tangerine Orange Black Gary  bought from Val Harrell  CO
PR 2 Triploi Turquiose Black     427 Gary CO    bought 6/15/11
PR3 Gossamer


Black 427 (Changed to LS7) Dale Jr
DC-1 Dark Red Custom Black      P2X6SR 630hp Andy   NC   Was DC1 authorized or not?  I’m working on  this.


Candy Red 

LeMans Blue







3 SSR Slingshot Yellow Black    6spd  427  Scott    MD    
4 SOM Black 6spd 454 Mike OH
5 Red Black    6spd  427 Trigger OH   saw @ 09 Berger Show
6 Corvette Electron Blue Silver II/427 Jerry NJ
7 Sebring Silver Black    6spd  427  Gary    CO    from Canada
8 Red Black III/427 Max-Alaska
9 Red  Black    6spd LS6 400hp          @ Berger Oct. 2010
10 White Black 6spd 454/680 Gary CO
11 Red Black      SHELL? Andy   NC    
12 Red White 427 Video clip – no photo
13 Garnet Red Black  Tan Int.  6sp  LS6 400hp Mark GA  was Lisa, CO  saw @ 09 Berger Show
14 Trip Turquoise was White  Black 6spd 427 Scott MD
15 SOM Black    6sp 427 Mike G   IL    
16 Sebring Silver Black LS6 400hp FL
17 05 Viper Red Gold    6sp  427    
18 Organic Green Black Auto LS6 400hp  Jim Smith WI saw @ 09 Berger Show
19 Black Silver      III/630hp  Trigger    OH    
20 Pewter Black LS6 400hp Bob MA
21 Black  Silver    6spd  ‘454’/680hp  Gary    CO   Returned to Berger spring 2010
22 Sebring Silver  Black 6spd 427
23 Sering Silver  Black    6spd  427/630/3X  Vince & Sally    WI    
24 Penske Blue Yellow 6spd SHELL ? Andy NC
25 Red  Black    Auto  427  Bill    WI    
26 Hugger Orange Black Auto 427 TX
27 Edelbrock Red Black    6spd  LS6 400hp Jim Smith     WI    was Vic Edlebrock 6/11
28 White  Black 6spd 427 NV
29 NBM Silver    6spd  427  Scott    MD  
30 Rallye Green now Hugger Orange Black  6spd  427/630  Vince & Sally    WI