#2000 HRE For Sale – NBM/Red – Phase II/435 – New LS1

///#2000 HRE For Sale – NBM/Red – Phase II/435 – New LS1
#2000 HRE For Sale – NBM/Red – Phase II/435 – New LS12014-12-15T23:20:34-05:00

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    2002 GMMG Hot Rod Edition Camaro #2000

    Link with photos…………. http://www.daytonapacecars.com/id87.html

    Built by GMMG for Hot Rod Magazine & sold from Berger Chevy in Grand Rapids, MI

    1 of only 36 (plus 2 prototypes)

    ONLY Navy Blue Metallic with Red stripe (1 of 1)

    Phase II/435 hp – 6 speed – Line-Lock – Sub-Frame Connectors

    Special Hot Rod Edition two tone red/black leather interior

    Fiske FM5 (17X9.5) Wheels………… (Just like the Dick Harrell ‘wide-body’ GMMG wheels). The wheels make the car POP & look so good!

    GMMG Phase II Heads, Headers, GMMG Open Chambered Exhaust with Electronic Cut-out

    GMMG Suspension & brakes

    Bought from Original Owner –

    HRE #2000 was very expensive in the day

    MSRP was $54,065 plus over $20k in new motor & recent mechanicals (over $74k).

    New LS1 Short Block with new insides was built as a nice street motor putting out about the same horsepower. (See story below) – Over $15k in receipts
    New Intake
    New GMHP Clutch, disk & pressure plate
    New brakes
    Recent new tires…BFG g-Force TA – 275/40/ZR17
    New Delco Battery

    HRE #2000 History

    The original owner owns a Body Shop & restores & builds cars. He special ordered the car from Berger Chevy. I met him many years ago & always loved the car. It looks so good & was always ‘over-detailed’ in his body shop.

    It has always been stored in a climate controlled environment & now in my GMMG Showroom.

    The car has been driven & shown often & has a great history on at least 4 Power Tours & has attended the Chicago Muscle Car show many times.

    There are 37,047 miles on the car BUT only 500 test miles on a brand new LS1 block from GM. Let me explain…………..

    I bought the car spring 2014 intending to drive it on the 2014 Power Tour (Long Hauler).

    The first thing I noticed is the clutch was more of a race clutch & not a user friendly street clutch. I took the car to my GM mechanic & installed a new GMHP clutch, disk, pressure plate & all the other parts. ($1,500)

    I headed out to Charlotte & the 2014 Power Tour & started tripping engine codes. I had problems in Charlotte & shipped the car to Vengeance Racing (Mike built the motor while @ GMMG). It sat for 2 months with nothing being done because they were busy.

    I had the car picked up & shipped to Parks Automotive near Madison, WI. Jim is a GMMG Car owner. They pulled the motor & sent it to his engine guy Warren. Upon inspection it was determined that the ONLY way to fix it right was to order a new LS1 block from GM. The engine was built with new parts & re-installed in the car. When it was first started there wasn’t any oil pressure. A defective oil pump was suspected.

    The engine was dropped out again & sure enough the oil pump was stuck open. New pump & the engine went back into the car a second time. (over $16k in the motor alone)

    The car was shipped to NicKey Chicago & Stefano & Corey reprogrammed the computer, ran it on the DYNO & dialed the motor in. It runs fantastic & smooth.


    For anyone not aware…. If your GMMG is running the ‘old-tune’ have it reprogrammed with the new software. Your car will run so much better. Vengeance Racing, NicKey or Berger Chevy can do this for you.

    When NicKey was all done I picked the car up & drove it home to Wisconsin breaking in the motor. I drove it home for two reasons…….it’s an absolute blast to drive & I needed to know the motor was spot on. It is & the re-tune smoothed out the rough running between 1500 & 1900 RPM (like most Phase II & up GMMG’s).

    For anyone that does not know me I do the GMMG Registry with Aaron Thornton & Jim Simon. JD passed away in October & he was also part of it. In addition I’ve owned over 17 GMMG’s & currently have eight in the collection along with 3 of 4 ‘real’ 2000 Dayton 500 GTP’s & a few other fun rides. Check them out @ http://www.daytonapacecars.com/id21.html

    Why am I selling HRE? I have too many GMMG’s & not enough room. Now that I’m 70 I just need to cut back & find good new homes for a few cars. Take a look at my collection. If there is another car of interest let’s visit. (715) 529-0898. Every car in my collection is spot on perfect & just like GMMG built it. Ask anyone that knows me.

    You know how to reach me. $35k

    HRE #2000 could never be replaced for this money. HRE #2000 ‘talks the talk’ & walks the walk’ & is an amazing car to drive.

    It’s just sooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaast!!! If you want an amazing GMMG to drive consider this one. No disappointments.

    Driving HRE #2000 home – May 2014 along with the ’46 Pontiac

    GMMG ZL1 41
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    The car has never run better! Nice options as well!!

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    Post count: 4138

    August 8, 2015

    There was a problem with the new LS1 motor – spun a bearing.

    I’ve decided to go with a new Thompson Motorsports LS1 motor with forged pistons & rods. More money gone!

    I am so anal & just want this to be right so I’m starting over again.

    By the time I’m done I will have OVER $20K in the motor repairs. I’m not a happy camper!


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    – New Motor – Sept, 2015

    5.7 Aluminum Forged piston only short block
    Balanced & Blueprinted GM block L33 core
    King Racing main bearings
    King Racing rod bearings
    Thompson Motorsports single piece racing cam bearings
    GM Nodular crankshaft turned core
    GM connecting rods TMS remanufactured core
    Diamond – 2cc 3.902″
    TMS performance rings
    Melling Oil pump
    Block is rated to 700HP
    Gen III 24x
    2,399.00 2,399.00T
    Melling Select High Pressure oil pump 10295 129.99 129.99T
    Bottom end gasket set including:
    Front & rear main seal & cover gasket, oil pan gasket, oil pump 0 Ring & water pump gasket set
    129.99 129.99T
    GM MLS head gasket 2 49.00 98.00T
    Harmonic balancer
    Roller rocker arms
    Roller Tip Rockers
    Built to GMMG Phase 2 – 435HP specs using original GMMG CNC Phase 2 Heads

    Ready to go back in the car – 9/9/15

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    Mike will be sorting out the motor & tuning the car so I know it’s perfect. 10/9/15

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    Parks Auto couldn’t figure it out so I shipped the cat to Mike Carnahan @ Vengeance.

    He’s the only one I want working on it from now on.

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    Good news from Mike on HRE 2000 – it’s fixed already

    Loose crank position sensor was not torqued to 22 foot pounds. It was finger tight.

    Mike drove he car 50 miles – will drive it a bunch more – put it on the Dyno.

    Cut oil filter apart – nothing out of the ordinary there – looked good.

    Tune was not to his liking – Mike retuned it – a ground on passenger side of engine was in the wrong place.

    Things are starting to look better.

    Thompson is OK – motor was built right.

    Warren & Parks are not OK.

    Now I need to figure out a way to get it home – I asked Mike to drive it awhile & put miles on it.



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    October 16, 2015

    Mike knows his stuff – figured out the issue in a few minutes while Parks messed around with it for weeks with no fix & only guesses.

    If you want your motor done right ship the car to Mike @ se Vengeance Racing – they know GMMG’s better than anyone.


    241 Castleberry Ind Drive
    Cumming, GA 30040


    678 513 7105

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    October 21,2015 – 7pm

    Mike Carnahan really has the car dialed in. The sharp/raspy/snap is gone & it runs smooth & the way it should have been all along. It’s quiet until you hit the loud pedal then hang on. Mike really knows how to set these motors up. Thanks pal. Jim


    Kathy & David loaded within 24 hours of placing the order with Inter-City on 10/19/15

    Delivered the car to me within 48 hours. Amazing.

    What I liked best……….. Kathy called & kept me informed of their progress – met them – super/super nice people.

    They normally run between Minneapolis & Miami. Estimate $1 per mile – enclosed.

    Please call them for your shipping needs.

    Diamond Express – 262-510-9227 – Marshfield, WI

    Inter-City – Christi – 800-991-8004 – ship@inter-cityautotransport.com

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    Finally I figured it out!


    GMMG ZL1 41
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    WAY TO GO JIM!! 😀

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    2016 All Chevy Show – HRE #2000 – Best 4th Gen

    2016 Street Machine Nationals – HRE #2000 – St. Paul, MN

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