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I know know nothing about the GMMG Home Depot Trucks

Can you assist?

40 Home Depot Trucks were built

submitted by Jim Smith…………….

 I spoke with Matt Murphy in 2010 about the Home Depot Trucks.

Here’s what I remember from the conversation (more or less)….

His Ex wife’s dad was an attorney for Home Depot & was (?) involved with getting this program going.

At the time Tony Stewart was racing the #20 Home Depot NASCAR.

 Tony was a big part of the program.

 Jamey submitted additional information (see below).

If ANYONE has information, photos or corrections to add they are appreciated. 

I expect to hear from owners if I have it wrong.

This is the information as I understand it.  Jim Smith

#?? photos from JD

# 5 (??) – photos from JD

photos from JD

#9 Home Depot – Jamey


submitted by Jamey……………………


The following I am providing is from a phone call with Matt Murphy on the way to or from an airport & other owners of these fantastic trucks.

According to Matt………Home Depot decided to have a Manager Incentive Program that consisted of giving away a certain number of these trucks per quarter to qualifying managers.

There were 40 trucks total. (20) 2003 models & (20) 2004 models.   I believe some/all of them were purchased through the former Bill Heard Chevrolet at Town Center, LLC. Kennesaw, GA as you can see in some pictures where a rear license plate normally goes, plus that dealership was listed first on a CarFax I ran across on one of the trucks showing “start up service” on it.  These trucks were giveaways & were never offered for sale to the public.

There is a rumor that one of these trucks was given to Tony Stewart at Atlanta Motor Speedway that had a different orange paint on it & was pictured on a regular sized car trailer.

Some Home Depot employees weren’t too keen on the Program as some felt they did the work & the Managers got the trucks.  The trucks were not “beefed” up due to emissions & the fact that the trucks were given away across the U.S. & I saw at least one was in Canada.  There was supposedly a rule with Home Depot that if you win one &. if you left the company within a year regardless of resigning or terminated, you had to give the truck back to Home Depot.  Also, there was a timeline that Home Depot had for when/if a manager wanted to sell one.  Home Depot had first chance of buying a truck back and if they didn’t, Home Depot would request the managers to have the company labeled items taken off the trucks & sent back to them.

There was a rumor that they might have bought one of the trucks back.  I’ve seen these trucks offered for sale as high as $40,000 & as less than $13,400 with the graphics missing & half of the truck repainted a different color.

Tony Stewart signed each of the tachometer gauges with an orange Sharpie.  There is a custom looking/sounding Nascar exhaust on the passenger side before the rear tires, a custom air intake under the hood, a Husky toolbox in the bed, bedliner was coated, 20 inch American Racing Chrome Magnet wheels, manager incentive program dash plaque signifying what number out of 40 it was, houndstooth interior on front & rear seats & door panels, Home Depot racing stitched headrests on the front seats & front floor mats, Home Depot Racing, 20, & Tony Stewart decals, gold GMMG plate inside the front driver’s door, white numbered decal of the truck on the lower driver’s side windshield & backside of the rearview mirror.

Matt told me he didn’t put together a window sticker for these.  I have one of the original windows stickers from one of the trucks listing the paint as “special” & calling it “tangier orange”.

Jim, I have taken my truck to (3) different Home Depot stores to display along with Tony Stewart’s show car & at one of them had Tony sign my fuse panel on the truck.  I look forward to seeing additional info on your site about these & again welcome you to contact me anytime.  I hope we have a chance to meet as well.  We’ve emailed each other before about my 2000 WHITE Pontiac GTP Nascar pace car.  Hope you enjoy…

Thanks for listing me on your site!!! Here’s some additional pics…


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#9 @ Tony Stewart Show

HD #?? (from Jamey)

#33 Home Depot


If you send me your GMMG door tag # I will be able to verify the VIN#.

I have some of the information from Matt.

Jamey states there were 40 trucks built.

My records show 20 built.

Does anyone know for sure?

Tony Stewart signing



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#17 HD

#17 HD

#26 HD

#22 HD

Home Depot Registry
Car # Color Roof Trans Engine Owner City State Phone E-Mail
HD-1 Hugger Orange
HD-2 Hugger Orange                
HD-3 Hugger Orange
HD-4 Hugger Orange                
HD-5 Hugger Orange
HD-6 Hugger Orange                
HD-7 Hugger Orange
HD-8 Hugger Orange                
HD-9 Hugger Orange
HD-10 Hugger Orange                
HD-11 Hugger Orange
HD-12 Hugger Orange                
HD-13 Hugger Orange
HD-14 Hugger Orange                
Hugger Orange
HD-16 Hugger Orange                
HD-17 Hugger Orange
HD-18 Hugger Orange                
HD-19 Hugger Orange
HD-20 Hugger Orange                
Home Depot Registry
Car # Color Roof Trans Engine Owner City State Phone E-Mail
HD-21 Hugger Orange
HD-22 Hugger Orange                
HD-23 Hugger Orange
HD-24 Hugger Orange                
HD-25 Hugger Orange
HE-26 Silver / Orange                
HD-27 Hugger Orange
HD-28 Hugger Orange                
HD-29 Hugger Orange
HD-30 Hugger Orange                
HD-31 Hugger Orange
HD-32 Hugger Orange                
HD-33 Hugger Orange OH
HD-34 Hugger Orange                
HD-35 Hugger Orange
HD-36 Hugger Orange                
HD-37 Hugger Orange
HD-38 Hugger Orange                
HD-39 Hugger Orange
HD-40 Hugger Orange