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GMMG Wild Card’s

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‘Wildcard’s’ are on this page becasue I don’t know where else to put them.

If you have additional cars or information, please send it.

There may be more ‘unknown’ GMMG cars?

If you know of cars that claim to be GMMG’s & are not, please contact me.

Thanks  Jim

Authorized or non authorized GMMG Cars?

The GMMG Registry attempts to record, document and archive all cars built by Matt Murphy & GMMG.  Whether a car is authorized or not authorized as long as it was built by GMMG it belongs on the Registry & archives.  For lack of a better category, I  called them ‘GMMG Wild Cards’ because they may not fit in a normal category.  If you have any issues they need to be taken up with GMMG & not me.  I’m just the messenger.  I don’t have any connection to GMMG other than having Matt’s OK to do the Registry.

Jim Smith

Drekar Z-15 built by GMMG

Drekar Z-15 built by GMMG

Information from LS-1 Tech – Young Jedi 

After 35 years of domination in the American “Musclecar” market, both of the legendary F-Bodies (Camaro & Firebird) were to cease production in 2002. In response to this, and after seeing that there was no planned Firebird equivalent to the forthcoming limited production Camaro “ZL1” Supercar (in which Matt Murphy, the owner of GMMG, had just been given the approval from GM to build 69 of these special vehicles after months of hard work to bring the “ZL1” project to life), an upcoming design & tuner company Drekar ASV (American Specialty Vehicles) set it’s sights on paying homage to this piece of American heritage with it’s own Firebird Supercar, the “Z15”. 

Jan Oosten, a creative concept designer/producer along with his like-minded engineer brother, Kurtis Oosten (founders of Drekar ASV – both from a NASA/Aerospace family with a patriotic passion for American Musclecars) set out with their enthusiasm to make this new Supercar a reality. By contacting their longtime family friend Dan Edmundson (a manager of a Pontiac/GMC dealership who himself had co-produced the limited production “Banshee” dealership cars of the mid to late 90’s and had already supplied numerous F-Bodies to the family over the years) they managed to get some of the very first “Collector Edition” Firebirds coming down the GM pipeline for this new project.

With Drekar ASV’s initial goal of converting only 35 “Collector Edition” vehicles (in which GM had only a few thousand produced to generally commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Firebird) to this 600HP performance and appearance package, the name “Z15” seemed fitting as this was already the GM “RPO” code designated to those Firebird “CE” cars. With some essential help in collaboration, build components, and overall insight from fellow enthusiast Matt Murphy (who had already put aside his beautiful 400HP pilot Firebird “Ram Air 6” project due to GM’s disbanding of the Pontiac Firebird Brand Team) and staff, the projectwas taking its first breaths in life.

This new Drekar ASV Firebird “Z15” Supercar started out as previously mentioned in “CE” form which was coming directly from GM in a Pontiac yellow “54U”. This color yellow had been previously used on the Firebird’s in 1994. This production “CE” yellow was a tad more “pale” than the pre-production “CE” car which was finished in a much brighter Corvette “Millennium Yellow”. It was immediately decided that the “Z15” would don an outstanding show car coat of the originally intended “CE” color Corvette “Millennium Yellow”. The pilot car was painstakingly disassembled and then painted piece by piece, completing the paint scheme with the addition of a black Pontiac style “arrowhead” to cleanly but accurately portray the aggressive nature of this ‘bird.

With its fresh new look upon reassembly, the engine was carefully reinstalled with specific “Z15” milled heads & upgraded internals to match the custom “Z15” Vortech Supercharger w/Aftercooler. From exhaust, programming, drivetrain, braking & suspension – all planted to the pavement with Goodyear Eagle F1 295-35 ZR18 Supercar tires – this vehicle is complete and bold in every detail. In keeping with its donor “CE” styling cues, the ebony interior was accented with silver, including the “Z15” specific instrument cluster. “Z15” key fob, floor mats, console badge, auto-dimming rearview mirror with temperature and compass – even a yellow “Z15” logo specific car cover – are just a few of the things that lead to an overall uncompromised setup.

After the pilot Firebird “Z15” was completed in its build, it was decided that it should be seen first by the people it was most built for: the Firebird enthusiasts. It was transported to the 2002 Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio – the largest Firebird show in the world – where the public was first introduced to this one of a kind ‘bird at that largest event, during the last year the F-Body was manufactured. In a truly honorary and unforgettable experience for all involved in the build, the “Z15” claimed first place prize in the Super-Street class.

The pilot Firebird “Z15” went on to be “officially” unveiled and autographed as well (signatures include Jan Oosten, Kurt Oosten, Matt Murphy, and Scott Settlemire) at the 2002 F-Body Celebration held Sept. 20th-22nd in Bowling Green, KY alongside some of the finest GM F-Cars to ever be produced, and also among some of the finest Firebird and Camaro enthusiasts. Truly trying to embody all that the Firebird represented to scores of enthusiasts for generations and being born in spirit of its brethren the Camaro “ZL1”, the Firebird “Z15” had come to life.


Drekar 15

Drekar Z15

Can anyone help identify this car build for Dale, Jr?

What is it?  Is this GMMG Car # HRPT-PR1 or DH-PR3?

HRPT-PR1? – Hugger Orange – Dale, Jr.

This car has Dick Harrell badging & is a wide body that was apparently built for Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  Does anyone know about this car?  I’m confused on this one.  Jim

Click Dale Jr’s. Orange prototype info. What is the GMMG tag # & what is it?

… from GM – Heritage Edition Collection

October 27, 2012 – DC-1 has been moved to the Wildcard page until it is determined if it was an authorized build or not.  Once I hear from Valarie Harrell & Berger Chevy the decision will be made as to where the car fits.  Until then it will remain on the Wildcard page.

DC-1 Cusom

Click – Drag Car Video

Click PR-1? video

GMMG – JR #8

JR 8 – thanks Jason

JR 8 – thanks Jason

GMMG – JR #8

Two special GMMG builds (#12 red & #4 silver Z7D)

If you would like additional information you will have to contact Matt Murphy @ GMMG.

Cars were built by GMMG but not authorized by Valerie Harrell or Berger Chevy.

#4 Z7D Brickyard / GMMG

Click to hear Derek’s Z7D run


I am working second shift today so I have a bit of time this morning to put this together.

Per our discussion on Sunday, out of the 52 GMMG 35th PEs, 8 of them were “Brickyard 400 Convertibles” its assumed the 8 brickyards were the “Red and Silver” cars but, out of those 8, I believe 2 of them were the 2002 Silver Brickyard 400 “Z7D” festival cars.

I know the two Z7D cars upfitted by GMMG were Z7D #56, and #58. Remember only #2-43 and #45 of the 62 total Z7Ds were assigned to drivers at the 2002 Brickyard 400, both Z7D #56, #58 were NOT assigned to drivers, these two cars were considered “central office” cars since they were not assigned to drivers of the race. I do know that Z7D #56 is assigned to GMMG PE #15, I do not know what the GMMG PE# is for Z7D #58.

My car (Z7D #4) was assigned to Robby Gordon (Robby Gordon rode in my car around the track prior to the race) for the 2002 Brickyard 400. When I visited Matt Murphy in 2007, we discussed having GMMG add a “package” to our Z7D#4, we both agreed it would be cool to do a similar package as one of the two Z7D PE cars. Because Matt did not want to copy the same package as one of the 52 PE cars, he ended up calling it Dick Harrell Performance Edition (DHPE which is very similar to the 52 35th PE cars)

I have attached a couple pics that I found on the internet, I do not know their source.

#4 (Special Build) Z7D – GMMG

#4 DHPE (Special Build) – GMMG

#12 DHPE (Special build)

#12 DHPE (Special build)

ZO6 Millenium Yellow Coupe converted to a Convert

Skunk Werkes PR-2

GMMG/Skunk Werks ZO6 PR2

This is a very rare special order prototype #1, documented 2001 GMMG/Skunk Werks Z06 Corvette convertible. One of the two made and is the only one to have the GMMG Phase 2X6R Package, 525hp engine with only 4,100 original documented miles and full documentation and owner history, including the factory original GMMG Inc. letter documenting this 2001 Corvette Z06 PR 1 authentication and GMMG Inc. original Build Invoice. This convertible package was one of two built by Skunk Werks that went into the United States, and one of six built overall, the other four went to Canada. The PR Corvette started as a coupe and has a custom built and designed body kit that John Cafaro and Henry Iovine of Skunk Werks added to the car. GMMG was in the developement stages of building 50 of these Z06 convertible Corvettes when the project was cancelled due to timing of the release of the C6 Corvette and vendor related problems. The one and only PR 1 Z06 Corvette out of a private collection and a rare opportuinity to own number 1.
Sold @ 2012 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

Photos taken by Jim Smith

2010 GMMG visit

Skunk Werkes SWV-PR2 – photo by Jim Smith @ GMMG

Did GMMG build a 1999 Firehawk in 2006?

Yes, it’s the real deal. (1 of 1)

On November 14, 2011 I received photos of GMMG FH @ GMMG with Mike doing the engine work.

 The only GMMG markings I see are on the heads.

Thanks  Jim

GMMG Firehawk (1 of 1)

GMMG Firehawk (1 of 1)

’99 GMMG Firehawk?

’99 GMMG Firehawk?

1999 GM Hugger Orange Camaro SS Prototype

(Only one built by GM) – GMMG upgraded to Pahse II/435hp

I delivered this car to NC for Matt.

1999 Hugger Orange Convert – EXP-Convert

Looking for photos, information & owners of these ‘Wildcards’

Car #   Color Roof Trans Engine  
HRPT – PR-1 Berger Chevy Camaro Hugger Orange        Is this the the Orange Dale Jr. car?
SWV-PR-1 Skunk Werks ZO6 Vette Blue
SWV-PR-2 Skunk Werkes ZO6 Vette Millenium Yellow  Convert    Trigger  Have a photo @ GMMG 2010
ENF-PR-1 B4C Black
ENF-1   B4C White        Matt Murphy – Was this the Test Mule prototype?
E-KE-SS SS Black   Is this the black SS Track Car?
 E-BS-Z28    Z-28 Montery Maroon        
V-6 B4C SOM Built for Nancy Gibb
GMHT-6     ?        What is GMHT?
GMHT-8 Black
GMHT-9     Bright Red        
JR#8 Camaro have info Bright Red Jason – AL – have info & photos
RA6-PR1 Pontiac   CollEdYellow        Is this GMPP?
HRT-PR1     Hugger Orange        Is this the the Orange Dale Jr. car?
B-EM T      Black  T-Top      
2000 Z28 2000 Z-28 White Convert YO – GA
2000 TA     Silver        
EXP-Z28 2000 Z-28 Silver Coupe YO – GA
DH-PRCV Wide Body Prototype Convert  Convert Ralley Red  750hp  Jim  AZ  Only wide-body convert
MIKE Test Mule White
DH DC-1 Drag Car  Dick Harrell Dark Red      Andy  Have photos & info
SYC-PR-1 TA? Olympic Gold
GMHT-1     Bright Red        
GMHT-2 Bright Red
GMHT-4     Bright Red        
GMHT-5 Bright Red
EXP-Convert 1999 Proto SS Hugger Orange  Andy   II/435  Hugger Orange GM prototype
GMHT-3     Monteray Maroon        
GMHT-7  ?
GMMGFH ’99 Firehawk Black Eric 500 Going to NJ 10/12

DEI #20 waiting for the LAST (#100) C5R ‘427’ Race Motor

Empty space on top right of empty motor crates is for #100 C5R going in DEI #20

Photos taken @ GMMG by Jim Smith – 2012

#20 DEI

Empty hole (top right) is for the LAST C5R ‘427’ race motor #100 to go in DEI #20

427 C5R Motor boxes

Year One Formula PR-2

Real deal Pace Car- not a Festival Car

Jim with #8 Bud NASCAR


A Tom Henry is being built (11/11) & may have #33 on it.

Only 32 Tom Henry cars were built & it is not real.


Here’s another Tom Henry that is not real (silver).

It looks like a nice car but not real.

Clone – Knock-off – Not a real Tom Henry

P2G (Phase 2 Gilden) 1999 Trans Am

Research continues – June 23, 2013………….. 

P2G is not a GMMG Wildcard because it does not have a GMMG door tag

It was built @ GMMG by Mike Carnahan when the owner was an employee

(It is in the Wildcard section until we figure out where it belongs)


…from the owner Jarrett – July 23, 2013………………….

1999 Pontiac Trans Am GMMG built from Marietta GA (Google GMMG for info).  I was a former employee for roughly a year..  this vehicle was built by Mike and Ron..  I have a invoice showing that this was built at the shop as well as pictures.  Extremely clean 20K mile car never driven in winter. Car needs nothing and no expense was spared in the build of this vehicle. This car has Kooks headers, full GMMG chamber exhaust, Comp custom cam, TEA heads, LS6 intake, underdrive pulley, 4.11 gears, Spohn weld in sub-frame connectors, Spohn larger sway bars from and rear, Spohn panhard bar, Hurst short throw shifter and much more.
Car put 451 at the wheels. I have the dyno sheet from GMMG.  I have owned this car for ten years and I am selling it only because I bought a corvette.

Many interior mods including led lighting in interior and exterior .  The stereo is a Pioneer double din and two JBL amp and custom made amp rack and a ten inch enclosure.  The whole interior was removed to put sound deadener in the interior. I have new two tone leather interior installed last year as well. New 18 wheels and tires with less then 200 miles. Brake calipers are powder coated as well.  This car is stamped on the heads by GMMG when I was employed by them. You will not find a better deal on a cleaner car anywhere!! Car is being sold cheap due to being a salvage title car that was fixed when I purchased it in Pa.  You could not build a car like this for under $30k.  Car had hit a house after swerving from a deer in the road. The driver side door and rear quarter as well as the bumper cover were replaced. Car should never have been totaled.

The only bad with the car is the chips under the hood and one paint chip shown in driver side front fender.  Also the power antenna does not go down all the wan

GMMG Test Mule

Is this ENF-1?

GMMG Test Mule

GMMG Test Mule

GMMG Test Mule

GMMG Test Mule

RA6-PR1 Collector yellow

RA6- PR1

2002 Firebird Collector Edition – One of None

An intriguing Collector Edition proposal of Formula looks and LS6 power
From the February, 2009 issue of High Performance Pontiac

Timing, it is said, is everything. It’s true whether you bought Microsoft stock in the early ’80s or Enron stock last week. In other words, being in the right place at the right time is much more important than having a great idea at the wrong time. Unfortunately, a killer idea executed too late describes the story behind the star-crossed, Collector Edition Yellow-styled Firebird seen here.

Packing the appearance of the ’02 Collector Edition (with some subtle differences) and the motivation of GM’s LS6 Gen-III engine, this pilot vehicle was a proposed Firebird special package commissioned by members of GM’s F-car teams and built by GMMG, Inc.

Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, GMMG has been busy the last few years creating specialized performance versions of the F-cars for a few dealers across the country. They built the BlackBird Trans Ams for Atlanta’s Carl Black Pontiac, as well as a series of special Birds for resto giant Year One.

Most of GMMG’s work, however, has been with Camaros; they’ve created numerous Berger Chevrolet (Grand Rapids, Michigan) editions and the Dale Earnhardt Intimidator SS edition for the Earnhardt dealership (Newton, North Carolina). This preeminent focus on the Camaro was recognized by Camaro marketing team member Scott Settlemire (a real advocate for the F-car and an enthusiastic participant in the hobby that is rarely seen anymore in Detroit), who worked shoulder to shoulder to make F-car decisions with the Firebird team.

“It would be good to do something special for the Firebird guys,” Settlemire told GMMG president, Matt Murphy. Murphy agreed, and the pair, along with John Heinracy, of GM Engineering (and father of the original 1LE F-cars of the late ’80s), set out to develop a performance-oriented Firebird, based on the ZL-1 Supercar package GMMG was working on for the ’02 Camaro.

Along with the factory 1LE suspension parts, 18-inch rolling stock and interior upgrades, the heart of the ZL-1 package was the Corvette Z06’s LS6 engine.

“John [Heinracy] suggested we build the vehicle first, then show it to the Firebird team,” says Murphy. “The idea was to develop a pilot vehicle with brand team support, then propose a plan for a limited production run.”

With Settlemire’s and Firebird brand team member Kurt Collins’ nods for approval, GMMG started scrounging donor parts for the prototype. A used ’98 Firebird V-6 car was purchased from a Texas Honda dealership to serve as the vehicle’s base. GM shipped the LS6 engine and related components, while the brand team was able to procure a V-8 donor car for the ancillary swap items, including the transmission, fuel tank, fuel lines, etc. The car, a Camaro SS, had been used at Justin Bell’s Florida driving school and stuffed into a wall by an overanxious, under-experienced student. Though bent from end to end, most of the good parts underneath were usable.

Although swapping the new LS6 and used F-car donor parts to the V-6 body went smoothly, Murphy says rewiring the car was the biggest headache.

“The V-6 car was a ’98 and the rest of the stuff was ’01 or later,” he says. “The wiring harnesses simply don’t mesh.” It was a pain to wire up everything, and he credits GMMG technicians Bill Lawler and Kevin McDearis for the wiring chores.

Those chores included the rewired instrument panel, which is now filled with GMMG’s custom silver-face gauges. The gauges boast “Ram Air 6” insignias, as do badges on the car’s front fenders. The “6” designation ties in both with the LS6 engine and the idea of continuing the famed “Ram Air” engine designation of past Poncho performance mills.

GMMG installed the LS6 engine straight up–no mods. The hood numbers indicate 400 horses, whereas in the Vette, the same engine is rated at 405. “We were reminded of, and cognizant of, the Corvette’s place on GM’s performance ladder,” says Murphy.

The numbers are academic, really, as the Firebird has put down 370 horses to the rear wheels on a chassis dyno. According to our calculator, that means it’s making closer to 440 horses at the flywheel. We put in some time behind the wheel of this rare Bird, and it certainly feels like more than 400 horses, that’s for sure.

The engine is hooked to the T56 6-speed salvaged from the driving school donor (with a GM-installed Hurst shifter and black Hurst shift knob), and power is sent through it to a stock 10-bolt filled with 4.10 gears. For the sake of comparison, we can say that the pilot ZL1 Supercar, with a similar drivetrain combo, has been tested by GM and returned 0-60 times of 4.06 seconds and quarter-miles in 12.56 seconds (at 115 mph).

When it came to setting up the suspension, GMMG utilized a combination of stock parts, Corvette Z06 front and rear brake rotors and calipers, 1LE upper and lower control arms (basically, they’ve got stiffer bushings), a 1LE Panhard bar and Penske 7500-Series double-adjustable shocks, which were specially developed by Penske for use on GMMG’s ZL1 Supercar package. Also, there is a custom front stabilizer bar and the rear bar is the 1LE piece for Third-Gen F-cars.

Murphy wanted also to maintain the 1LE theme in the interior, including manual window cranks. But the power accessory-filled door panels of the Collector Edition leather interior, GMMG installed, precluded the use of manual windows.

Subtle Differences
In the close-yet-different category are the car’s wheels and tires. Powder coated black, they look, at first glance, like the black wheels of the ’02 Collector Edition. They’re actually a quartet of Corvette magnesium 18×9.5-inch rear wheels, mounted on a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-Fiorano 265/40ZR-18 tires.

“The wheels fit perfectly,” says Murphy. “The offset was just right. Those wheels look great on an F-car.”

Of course, the Formula-style bodywork emulates the Collector Edition, too, but isn’t quite the same. The Formula-based Firebird nose is the biggest difference, but note also the black hardtop. As the ’02 production versions of the Collector Edition were Trans Ams, they came either as T-tops or convertibles.

The car was sprayed with the correct Collector Edition Yellow paint, but it was in the paint shop where momentum on the project all but ceased. “When the car was in the paint booth, we got word that, with the F-car’s demise, the Firebird marketing team had been dissolved,” says Murphy. “Scott [Settlemire] absorbed many of the duties for both F-cars at that time.”

With no one on the Firebird team left to approve the project, the GMMG crew pushed the painted bodyshell into a corner of the shop. The car sat uncompleted for months. But the impetus to bolt it together came when the 2001 Web-based F-body gathering was scheduled for the Atlanta area, and GMMG knew Settlemire would be in town. “Scott really liked the idea of the car, so we decided to complete it for him to take a look at,” says Murphy. “We assembled the car and have taken it to a few events since the gathering. It really draws some interesting glances.”

Murphy says the Bird cooks as good as it looks. “We drove it to the Bristol Drag Strip in Tennessee and easily ripped off low 13s,” he says. “The best e.t. was a 12.89 at 112 mph.”

Original plans called for 35 LS6-powered Formulas like this prototype–one for each year of Firebird production–to be built by GMMG and sold through a select group of Pontiac dealers. Alas, the timing was not right.

Ironically, this yellow prototype is resigned to F-car history, perhaps going down as one of the most collectible Collector Editions out there–car number zero of a production run that never left the gates.

Read more:



October 27, 2012 – There is a question about PRCV as to whether is was an authorized DH or not.  Until I have something in writing from Valerie Harrell & Berger Chevy it will remain on the Wildcard page.

October 29, 2012 –

I had a long conversation with Valerie Harrell this afternoon about PRCV & have additional information to share.  PRCV was not an authorized Dick Harrell/Berger car.  She informed me that she did not authorize PRCV & it is not a DH car. 

With that said PRCV was built buy GMMG, is the only wide-body convert, claims 750 hp & that would make it the highest horsepower GMMG built that I am aware on but it is not a Dick Harrell/Berger authorized car.

Jim Smith

GMMG Registry

Click – Valerie Harrell link about PRCV

CLAIMED HARRELL VEHICLES: UNDOCUMENTED: CERTIFICATES NOT ISSUEDMs. Harrell has both common law trademark, federally registered trademarks, & the rights of publicity associated with Dick Harrell®.Warning: Anyone purchasing cars purporting to be an authentic “Dick Harrell” car should ensure that the seller/owner has clear evidence of the right to use the Dick Harrell name. Suggestions for potential purchasers including a warning that anyone purporting to sell an authentic “Dick Harrell” car should have a certificate or letter of authenticity to prove that the car is authentic and can retain any Dick Harrell trademarks, etc.

A private collector is offering 4 iconic, low mileage, high horsepower GMMG’s for sale.

The Registry is assisting by hosting these special cars for your consideration.

If you would like more information, please contact the broker direct.

               Jim – MW Classic – 636-980-7588

               The Registry will forward any e-mail requests – Jim Smith

               You will need to let him know you have seen the cars on the Registry so they will know where the request is coming from.

………from Jim Smith……..  These are the rarest GMMG’s on the planet and certainly the most desirable & collectable of all GMMG’s.

Again, these super rare cars are in a private collection.

PRCV red Convert

CETA Blackbird #7 yellow Convert

Performance Edition #17 red Convert

Performance Edition #29 black Convert

2002 GMMG the only wide-body Camaro Convertible Prototype 
This is perhaps the most desirable and the ultimate of all 2002 Camaros. This extraordinary Camaro is equipped with a monster LSX7 454CI engine boasting of 750HP and 675ft lbs of torque!
GM carbon fiber wide body kits, including this 1 of 1 convertible.
This stunning showpiece has only 223 original test miles and is finished in factory Rally Red with a black cloth convertible top, two tone leather seats; black with custom grey suede inserts and embroidered logo headrests. It was intentionally built with numerous unique and custom performance as well as cosmetic options unlike any other Camaro in the Edition. A truly remarkable car!
Here are the options for this GMMG Convertible:
  • Phase 5XR – 454CI LSX 750HP/675TQ Upgrade Package $36,000
  • Carbon Fiber GM Wide body w Custom Inner Quarter Panels Flared $ 8,500
  • 12 Bolt Rear End with 3:73 Gears $ 3,750
  • RPM Upgrade L5 Race Transmission with Yank Racing TQ Converter $ 2,995
  • Custom MHT Forged Edition M10 – 20×11 Front and 20×12 Rear $ 8,995
  • Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 – 305/25R20 Front 335/25R20 and Rear $ 2,195
  • Tubular K-Member, Tubular Upper and Lower Arms in Chrome $ 1,695
  • Tubular Lower Control Arms, Panhard Rod & Sway bars – Powdercoat $ 995
  • Engine Brackets, K-Frame, Spindles, Exhaust Shields- Powdercoat $ 895
  • Subframe Connectors $ 495
  • Adjustable TQ Arm $ 495
  • Subtotal for Custom Options $67,010
  • DH Base Package $59,071
  • Base price of Camaro $37,595
  • Total Price of Camaro Prototype $163,676

PRCV Convert

PRCV Convert

PRCV Convert

PRCV Convert

PRCV was in fact built by GMMG & has a GMMG door tag

2002 GMMG ZL1 Supercar / Performance Edition #17
This is the most unique and desirable of all the 2002 GMMG ZL1 Supercar Edition Camaros. This Supercar has 248 original miles. It is equipped with the highly desirable Phase III package, an all aluminum LS6 C5R 427CI engine boasting 600HP and 575ft lbs of torque backed up by a 6 speed manual transmission and a Strange 12 bolt rear-end with 4:56 gears!
Manufactured by Chevrolet as a Z28 Convertible with the highly desirable “SS” Performance/Appearance Package option priced at $3,625, the MSRP window sticker is $35,425. The primary window sticker for this ZL1 Supercar lists all of the special and unique options specific to this Edition at a price of $9,895 (in addition to the price of the Camaro). The secondary window sticker includes the additional options for this Camaro, at a price of $39,275 (!), including some that are unique only to this Camaro and no others in this Edition.
History: This 2002 Camaro was originally purchased by Michael Carnahan, the Senior Tech and Chief Builder at GMMG. Mr. Carnahan built the Camaro to be the only ZL1 Supercar convertible out of the limited edition of 69. After the Camaro was built, numerous ZL1 owners protested this ZL1 convertible being included in the Edition, since all the rest were coupes (and the original 69 ZL1s of 1969 were all coupes). To avoid the strong pressure from this group, this Camaro was stripped of its ZL1 plaques/badging and rebadged as a 35th Anniversary Performance Edition Camaro (1 of 50), though it is not a factory 35th Anniversary Edition Camaro. In addition, the ZL1 Supercar embroidered bucket seats were removed from this Camaro and installed in the “Grumpy’s Toy” ZL1 #69 car.
This Camaro is still equipped with the ZL1 Supercar options specific to only this Edition such as: ZO6 wheels, ZO6 brake calipers, ZO6 slotted rotors, larger diameter front sway bar, Penske adjustable drag shocks and the ZL1 stripe package.
Here is a list of the options unique to only this ZL1 Supercar:
This Camaro is the first of the ZL1 Supercars to be equipped with a complete set of four 18” ZO6 wheels, not staggered sizes (17” front and 18” rear).
This Camaro is the only one equipped with a set of silver ZO6 wheels, not charcoal or chrome like the rest of the Edition.
This Camaro is the only one optioned with a ZL1 Supercar two-tone stripe package (black hockey stick fender stripes and white hood and trunk lid stripes).
This Camaro is the only one optioned with a special order white leather seats.
Finished in factory Bright Rally Red, this stunning Camaro Supercar Convertible has a black cloth convertible top, white leather buckets seats with a two-tone black and white ZL1 stripe package! Simply Extraordinary and One-of-a-Kind!

PE #17

PE #17

PE #17

PE #17

PE #17

The GMMG Registry is attempting to determine if DH-PRVC was an authorized DH or not. Working on verification.

DH-PRCV was in fact built by GMMG, has a GMMG door tag, GMMG paperwork & the GMMG invoice indicates it is DH-PRCV & the only wide body DH Convert.

2002 GMMG 35th Anniversary Performance Edition Camaro #29
This ultra-rare Camaro Supercar convertible is #29 out of a limited production of just 50 2002 GMMG 35th Anniversary Performance Edition Camaros. This Super car has 16 original miles. It is equipped with most desirable and highest horsepower engine offered for this Edition, the Phase 5X Package, an all aluminum 454CI engine boasting 680HP and 650TQ backed up by an upgraded RPM L5 automatic transmission with torque converter and a Strange 12 bolt rear end with 3:73 gears. This is the only Camaro in the Edition with this high performance drivetrain combination.
This stunning Camaro convertible is the only factory Black car in the Edition; finished with the Silver 35th Anniversary Edition stripe package and Black cloth convertible top. The Interior has the 35th Anniversary Edition two tone leather seats, Black with Grey inserts and logo headrests.
Manufactured by Chevrolet as a Z28 Convertible with the highly desirable “SS” Performance/Appearance Package option priced at $3,625, the MSRP window sticker is $35,695. The primary GMMG window sticker for the 35th Anniversary Performance Edition is $9,995, listing all of the standard options that are specific for this limited Edition. The second GMMG window sticker is $46,610 which includes the additional options for this Camaro convertible, including options that are unique only to this Camaro and no others in the Edition. The total list price for this Supercar was $92,300.
The following of a list of the pricing:
  • Base Camaro Package Price $35,695
  • Performance Edition Package $ 9,995
  • Phase 3X – 427CI 630HP/600TQ Package $27,500
  • Phase 5X – 454CI 680HP/650TQ Upgrade Package $ 3,500
  • 12 Bolt Strange Rear End w Chromoley Drive Shaft w 3:73 Gears $ 3,750
  • RPM Upgraded L5 Transmission w Yank Converter & Cooler $ 2,995
  • 18” Corvette Wheels and Tires $ 2,195
  • Corvette Front and Rear Brake Conversion $ 1,995
  • Hurst Line Lock $ 395
  • Subframe Connectors $ 495
  • GM 35th Anniversary Camaro Stripe Package $ 1,195
  • GM 35th Anniversary Camaro Seats $ 1,295
  • GM Koni Shocks (Factory 1LE parts) $ 1,295
  • Final Performance Edition Total Price $92,300

PE #29

PE #29

PE #29

PE #29

PE #29

2002 GMMG Collector Edition Trans Am Blackbird #7
This ultra-rare Trans Am Supercar convertible is #7 out of a limited production of just 10 2002 GMMG Black Bird Collector Edition Trans Ams. This Supercar has 966 original miles. This is the only car in this Edition that is equipped with most desirable and highest horsepower engine offered for this Edition, the Phase 5X Package, an all aluminum 455CI engine boasting 680HP and 650TQ. This powerhouse is backed up by an a 6 speed manual transmission, 1000hp Textrailia clutch and a Strange 12 bolt rear end with 4:30 gears. This is the only Trans Am in the Edition with this high performance drivetrain combination.
The Collector Edition is the most limited of all the GMMG editions with only 10 total Supercars in this Edition. This Trans Am is the most highly optioned and certainly the most collectible out of the entire Edition.
This extremely rare Pontiac Trans Am Supercar Convertible is factory Collector Edition Yellow with a black cloth convertible top, black leather interior, logo headrests and the special Collector Edition stripe package and badging.
Manufactured by Pontiac as a highly optioned factory Collector Edition Convertible with a MSRP window sticker is $39,150. The primary GMMG window sticker for the Collector Edition is $9,930, listing all of the standard options that are specific for this limited Edition. The second GMMG window sticker is $40,720 which includes the additional options for this Trans Am convertible, including options that are unique only to this car and no others in the Edition. The total list price for this Supercar was $89,800. The following of a list of the pricing:
  • Base Trans Am Package Price $39,150
  • Performance Edition Package $ 9,930
  • Phase 3X – 427CI 630HP/600TQ Package $27,500
  • Phase 5X – 455CI 680HP/650TQ Upgrade Package $ 3,500
  • 12 Bolt Strange Rear End w Chromoley Drive Shaft w 430 Gears $ 3,750
  • Corvette Front and Rear Brake Conversion $ 1,995
  • Hurst Line Lock $ 395
  • Subframe Connectors $ 495
  • Textrailia Clutch, Flywheel and Pressure Plate $ 1,295
  • GM 1LE Koni Double Adjustable Shocks $ 1,295
  • Adjustable Torque Arm $ 495
  • Final Performance Edition Total Price $89,800

CETA Blackbird #7 – ‘454’ – Phase 5

CETA Blackbird #7 – ‘454’ – Phase 5

CETA Blackbird #7 – ‘454’ – Phase 5

CETA Blackbird #7 – ‘454’ – Phase 5

SS track car project

SS Track Car

Photos from 2010 GMMG visit

At least 7 Performance Edition 2002 SS’ were in storage containers.

They are all owned by one collector.

The million dollar question?  Did Matt ever complete these cars?

PE’s in storage

PE’s in storage

PE’s in storage

#48 SOM ZL-1 waiting for motor

Performance Edition PR-1


Are there other ‘special’ GMMG cars that I don’t have any information on.

 Please share if you have any information.

GMMG Cop Car

Do you have info or photos of any GMMG Wildcard’s?