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Year One Blackbird
7 plus 2 prototypes – all silver

The GMMG records indicate 10 + 2 prototypes YOBB’s were built.

Most agree only 9 total were built.  Either way the numbers are very low & the YOBB’s are very rare.

Door Tag & most owner information is on file with the Registry for 2 prototypes & 7 YOBB’s.

 9 total cars.  #1 & #10 are converts

Until we can confirm door tag numbers & owners for #7, #8 & #9  there will be ongoing questions & discussions.  Do you know?

More info will follow as it become available.  
This wouldn’t be the first time the files have been wrong.  Example……..

 10 YO Formula’s were to be built – only 7 can be confirmed with Cliff’s #7 (SOM) being the last one.

 9 GMHT’s with door tag numbers are in the records BUT supporting documentation says that these cars were never built. 

This is just one of the many reasons to have the Registry………  To get the information right now so there is no question in the future.

If you have supporting information & documentation on any GMMG’s that is different please let the Registry know.  Photos & door tag numbers will support the information.

PR-Y1- Phase IIX/475hp

PR-Y1 Year One Blackbird

 Was Marco’s

PR-Y1 Blackbird – Phase IIX/475hp

Year One Blackbird #001

Year One Blackbird Convert #001

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#5 Year One Blackbird

#5 YO- Silver

Jim Simon found a couple photos of Year One Blackbird Converts.

YOBB #1 & #10 are converts

What track is this?  I assume it could be near Atlanta – home of Year One & GMMG?

Can you assist?

Thanks Jim

Year One Blackbird Converts

Year One Blackbird Converts

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Thanks JD

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# ?? YO Blackbird

Jim Simon’s Year One Blackbird #4

950 miles as of July 25, 2010

Jim Simon’s Year One Blaclkbird #4 – 950 miles as of July 25, 2010

Year One Blackbird #4

Jim Simon’s Blackbird’s are amazing!

Year One Blackbird #4 (silver) – 950 miles

35th Anniversary Blackbird (red) – 390 miles

(more info & photos to follow)

Year One Blackbird #4 – July 2010

Year One Blackbird #4 – July 2010

Year One Blackbird #4 – July 2010

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YO BB #2

Year One Blackbird # ?

Year One Blackbird

Year One Edition Blackbird  
Car # Color Roof Trans Engine Owner City State Phone E-Mail
PR-1 Silver T-Top 6spd 380 Alan ? bought from Garry UK – 8/14
PR-Y1-2X Silver T-Top   IIX/475  John Malek

Portage County

1 Silver Convert 380hp Mike LA
2 Silver T-Top    380  AJ    TX


Sold –   March 2013- July 2013 – Nov. 2014  

3 Silver T-Top Bill MT 650 miles Sept 2017
4 Silver T-Top  6 spd  380  Vince & Sally  bought 11/15 – 975 miles  WI    7/17/10 – Jim from Boisie just bought- 950 miles
5 Silver T-Top 6 spd 380 Gary CO  bought Jan 2011
6 Silver T-Top      Andy?    NC    
7 Silver  
8 Silver T-Top      
9 Silver
10-2X6R Silver Convert   ?