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YEAR ONE Formula

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Year One Formula
14 plus 2 prototypes
I don’t have any information on #8 through #14 & am not sure these cars were evert built.
Do you know?

#6 YOF @ Bristol

Year One Formula PRY-1 (black) PR-2 (red) Phase II/435hp

Y1F- PRY1 photos taken by Jim Smith during 2010 GMMG visit

Y1F- PRY1 – black

Y1F-PRY1 – black

??? YOF#4 ???

PR Y1 – 435hp – Red

#1 YF Formula – NBM

#2 YF – Maple Red

Cliff in MO owns YOF #7 (SOM)

Phase IIX / 475 hp – 6 speed


HRE #1975 – 380 hp – 6 speed

YOF #7 @ 2012 POCI Nationals

YPF #7 (SOM) – 2012 POCI plaque

#7 Year One Formula (SOM)

#7 Year One Formula (SOM)

HRE #1975 on its way to MO with Cliff

HRE #1975 on its way to MO with Cliff – Bye-Bye!

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Thanks JD

Y1F-PR1 – Pat @ Year One

YOF #4

#5 Year One Formula

I saw & drove this car when it was for sale in FLA. 

Very nice – I should have bought it!

#5 Year One Formula

#5 Year One Formula

#6 Year One Formula

Click – Daytona Pace Cars & Jim’s Collection

2012 POCI Nationals – YOF #7 (SOM) – BB #6 (NBM) -BB #32 (Red)

2012 POCI Nationals – Blackbird #32 – Matt

2012 POCI Nationals – BB #32 (red) & BB #6 (NBM)- Jim’s old car

Year One   
CBP Customer City St Phone E-Mail Comments
Car # Color Roof Engine Name     Number    
Y1F-PRY1-2 Black T-Top II/435hp
Y1F-PR1- 2 Red T-Top  II/435hp  Pat Staton  from Year One        
YF-1 Blue T-Top Kenny
YF-2 Maple Red T-Top              
YF-3 Black T-Top
YF-4 Red T-Top  380  Stacy    ?   Was this car wrecked?  
YF-5 Silver T-Top 380 I saw & drove #5 when it was for sale – very nice. Should have bought it.
YF-6 White T-Top     Lemont IL      
YF-7-2X SOM T-Top 2x/475 Cliff MO
YF-8   T-Top              
YF-9 T-Top
YF-10   T-Top            
YF-11 T-Top
YF-12   T-Top              
YF-13 T-Top
YF-14   T-Top